Bumper Repair

To own a Mercedes-Benz is to take pride in its timeless design and effortless style. But regardless of the care you take in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle, sometimes damage can´t be avoided. Whether it's a rock chip, tree sap, or seasonal hazards like road grime or salt attacking your bumpers, Our Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center has the solution.

While your aesthetic enjoyment is the only reason you need, there may be others:

Lease Return Repair

Damages to the bumpers are not always considered wear and tear. Some banks consider a small scratch or break on the paint and might require a complete re-spray or full replacement of parts. Get the damaged section repaired professionally.

Resale Value

Nothing takes a beating like your bumpers and that can certainly make an impression to any potential buyer. A potential buyer might discount or think twice about buying your vehicle due to small scratch. A small investment on the repair could speed up the sale. Most damage can be repaired without having to re-spray the whole bumper. Localizing and limiting the repair to just the damaged section can keep the paint almost all original and maintain the value of your vehicle.

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